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They are also the only mammal wholly covered in scales. September 13, When Star Trek first began to air, the network aired the episodes out of order. This meant that while September 6, The flag of Greenland is the only national flag of a Nordic country or territory without a Nordic cross The Luv Doc. Tinder Mercy. Deal Killer. A Taste for Ballin' inch blades on the Impala. Buried Alive Making metaphorical mountains out of metaphorical molehills.

He Doesn't Fish There is no legitimate excuse for racism, sexism, or supporting our demonstrably imbecilic president. Soccer Watch. October 4, The Texas Longhorns start a three-game home stand at 7pm this Thu. September 20, Ouch! Sunday was brutal for our local soccer teams, with a couple of deflating losses on the college and September 13, Austin Bold FC plays the last two home games of their inaugural season the next two Sundays, still clinging Dear Glutton.

A Good Restaurant for an Awkward Conversation? A place to say the things and eat the meatloaf. Fall Flavors Places in town to eat something autumnal without pumpkin spice. Find more in our archives of active columns and retired columns. Thompson, invited the audi- ence, via Skype, to watch him work in real time.

During her Saturday panel, moderated by Eugene Hernandez, the lovely and otherworld- ly actor paid tribute to her late friend and col- laborator, who died 20 years ago last month. Often praised for her eccentric roles, the brilliant Scottish actress threaded throughout the hour funny, metaphoric mentions of travel and painting, plus 30 years of film experi- ence. And on William S. Like we said, Webb lives to make movies, videos, and music. A painter, at one time, is showing you one frame, but a filmmaker can take you into an experience and an exis- tential atmosphere that may be a trip for you.

Be your own center. But as people there was such gentleness. I bought that off him and would just like to say hi and thank you. This has protected me from evil spirits all of my life. Somewhere, Hunter S. Some of my friends would do one or two music vid- eos a year, but I wanted to work all the time. And we had a great team with DNA Productions.

So much so that his follow-up movie just happened to be a studio tentpole feature slathered in CGI and featuring enough incendiary action set-pieces to blow away even Michael Bay. But those movies that Sam Raimi did were really sacred to people. That was my mantra. So that was the philosophy of the first movie. But I made a promise to myself that in the next Spider-Man movie, I was going to embrace the spectacle.

I wanted [the forthcoming sequel] to be able to express and command those feel- ings that you had reading Spider-Man when you were a kid, that color and that bravado of seeing a man fly through the sky. But you always want to connect to the inner life of that character. You want the audience to feel what that person is feeling onscreen. Those have been my guidelines since Days of Summer. Bill Wes Bentley , an overly conscientious insurance adjuster, loses his Job but neglects to inform his factory-beautiful wife Vinessa Shaw or his two iPad-obsessed boys.

Malick pal Joe Conway and Klein co-wrote the smart script in which a wolf is always lurking at the nearby desert door.

Austin Zoo officials respond to report alleging mistreatment of animals

Wes Bentley fittingly, an American Beauty alum is tensely buttoned- down and leads a convincing cast. The camera work is luscious.

But moral ambiguity - inter- estingly formal religion goes unmentioned - is center stage, and the film ultimately succeeds by sending audiences home to ponder their own levels of sin. At 16, he was a Junior in high school, a straight-A student taking advanced place- ment classes, popular, well-liked by teachers. Instead, the series creates a personal relationship between the viewer and the science. What is your state of curiosity?

When is a vertical screen orienta- tion better than a horizontal one? Now in its third year, Grantland focuses on sports and entertainment. And I put on a record, and started it going. And I walked away, started doing something else, and then the music stopped. Like, when Pink Floyd made The Wall?

They actually wanted you to listen to the fucking album. Just a little charitable heads-up, there. And then he robbed a bank. He was caught and certified as an adult to stand trial for the crime. Monroe was sentenced to five years, of which he served three, from to His unblinking analysis of his decision to rob the bank - an ill-conceived plan concocted by an adolescent mind - is heartbreaking, but also inspiring. It is clear that he understands deeply the ripple effects that his actions have had, not only on his own life, but on the lives of his family members and, importantly, of his victims - the seven people inside the bank the day he burst in with a friend, wielding a shotgun and carrying a black gym bag.

What Monroe is able to achieve with this film, in part, is to demonstrate that holding so nar- row a view does a disservice to us all, and it discounts the reality that time and pressure can lead any of us to a bad decision - and that that same combination of elements can also reveal a diamond. Though his character may hit a dead end before adult- hood, we trust this actor has a very bright future ahead.

Premiere Mutual admiration societies can be off-put- ting, but this is a club you want to be a part of. The two men talk over their shared his- tory - when Linklater founded the Austin Film Society and first raised grant money, Benning was the first visiting filmmaker he flew in for an AFS program - and also their shared interests: Sports and the passage of time are ongoing, dovetailing enthusiasms.

And the sidelong boon of profil- ing two filmmakers? Watch online at klraorg kIruO broadcast COM Download our free happy hour app. Find the nearest happy hour any time. Hundreds of places to choose from! On the other hand, she possesses a uniquely modern outlook when compared to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame vets. As an audience, we want new perspectives, compelling stories, and inspiration. Can Gaga accomplish all that? Until then, reserve judgment. Go see an international band that traveled halfway around the world for a minute showcase: Korean, Australian, Welsh, take your pick.

Finally, our Chronicle dailies look a bit dif- ferent this year. Look for them Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with further reports from yours truly. Live Shots - more than over the next five days - have migrated online and around the clock, so bookmark austinchronicle.

A thorough self-examination of the Chicago four. Sixth was a total remodel down to the shell. The massive East Fifth Quonset hut, which music fans know from Chaos in Tejas or Mess With Texas, has been upgrad- ed with bathrooms and a new side entrance. The backyard has now been leveled and fitted with a new fence as well. In its new incarnation as a versatile events center. By then, SXSW had become a cultural event. New York, London, Paris, Munich, everybody talk about pop musik. One act represented the status quo and the other its antithesis, but together they spanned the already widening breadth of Austin music.

Fans and bandmembers exited with a few lumps and bruises. Moser left with a template. Before their arriv- al, she eyeballs a corner of the green room to see if it can be roped off for Blondie. The happier they are, the better the show. The better the show, the happier the locals. Volunteers grease the cycle. The shit had hit muscle. Doctors said she had five years. A few weeks later, just days before the Music Awards, she went in for a PET scan, emission tomography imaging that uses a radioactive substance called a tracer to track diseases within the body.

Her oncolo- gist found that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes. Stage IV. Five more years? She recalls both Sextons in their bunk beds as boys, and now champions their musical offspring. If she got enough of them into one room, fans would likely fill it up. The shows were easier back then. For starters, the Music Awards predate South by Southwest. After all, there was an Austin Music Awards show to run and Moser needed the peace of mind to run it. When SXSW was over and he informed her, the prognosis was clear. Moser started off as a receptionist when the paper first published Sept.

You could pen an entire anthology of Austin music on those four bylines alone. Ten years ago, William Harries Graham became the youngest person to ever play the show. I call her Auntie M. She asked me to call her that. I interviewed two people last week. Names like Corcoran, Escovedo, Scalzo. The 10 Little Bunnies booster not only made Austin music history, she scripted it. Even with the surprise appear- ance of Gary Clark Jr. The set ends just as the check arrives, and the singer walks over to introduce herself and thank us for coming.

Or come to the Chronicle day party on Thursday. Vincent, nom de rock of the Dallas-reared multi-instramentalist. Her self-titled fifth LP reconciles oddities with hit-making sensibility, scaling back orchestral excess and letting her danceable, sinister songwriting shine with incredible precision. Crossing British whim- sy and Detroit power. Birth of Joy merrily dips lysergic chocolate in caffeinated peanut butter.

Once again, Europeans take classic rock forms so hackneyed they belong in a nursing home and reanimate them. Leaving New York and headed back to her hometown, she carries a banjo and gravel- etched guitar to back her unadorned, itchy voice, which bobs and weaves through the plucks. This compo- sitional cache is its own quiet microuniverse, with fertile ground and wooden walls. Not exactly a scar- city of men and women with acoustic guitars these days, but good songs are good songs.

Cosmos finds frontman Alex Schaaf contemplating the profound wonders of the universe and his place in it. Primarily a bedroom project. Yellow Ostrich began with emotive four-track missives full of winding nar- ratives and contorted vocal loops. The lasting impression might ence, finally birthing an album where every shot hits its mark. Psycho Tropicai Beriin, offers a different interpretation on wave-ready surf rock. Influenced equally by the swirling annals of psych and shiny, now-in-technicolor ye-ye pop. La Femme bursts with an irre- sistible energy tout en frangais.

Petra, Rachel, and Tanya made music separately for years, in bands like That Dog, Silversun Pickups, the Rentals, and the Decemberists; Petra also worked as a solo act for a time. After a while this velvet-lined blast from the past gets a little dry, but the Hadens bring a new audience to these cultural touchstones.

Big Bill: The Austin Chronicle's Tiny Mess Concert

As incongruous as his appearance may be, Paul Janeway takes the soul revival to an equally outrageous place with a voice that hovers between sexy sweet and flat-out dirty. They make them sound more like the truth than any band since the Seventies. Half the City, bona fide all around. Throughout, the Seattle songwriter exhumes broken, penitent ballads that sud- denly burst with a shock of power and cathar- sis.

The Renegade Craft Fair is apen ta the public with free Guest Pass wristbands, available in advance ar an-site at the event Admissian subject ta capacity. Los Ninos de Cobre delivers elemental, unflashy work, suitably not silver or gold, just copper. Her third full-length Tall Tall Shadow undulates between extremes, too, rolling radio-ready adult alternative and acoustic traditional- ism. Rare treat to see a band come of age so quickly, and Trouble leaps forward. For one, he moved from Texas to Nashville, dedicated to growing his song craft.

Frontman Carlos Hernandez is the lynchpin, holding the music, if not himself, together. Unlike debut LP Ice Level, he knows when to reel it in. Singer LoTc Rossetti lacks color, despite his range, while too many choruses cry out for eyeliner and an audience of angst-soaked teenagers. The music moves impressively nonetheless, like an architeuthis through the depths, making the instrumental version on disc 2 the best bet. Whether or not their Joshua Tree abode reminded them of the Sahara - the bandmembers descend from the nomadic Tuareg people - the Grammy- winning eightpiece certainly fell into a deep, comfortable groove.

Opening with an invoca- tion from hip-hop poet Saul Williams, Emmaar unfolds at the unhurried pace of exile. Addressing affairs back home, where Tuareg rebels fight for an inde- pendent state, Emmaar invites meditation not limited to those conversant in Tamashek. Over the course of 10 bite-sized songs. The result was a bloated, boozy rager, the sort of thing that lifted samples straight off YouTube links and reveled in the zonked-out magic of two creative par- ties who wholly understand each other. Blue Chips 2 returns to the same well and fishes out the same, endlessly quotable results.

Action Bronson used to be a chef; now he makes his money rapping. Bronson, Party Supplies - stick around for the long haul. Too True offers the very defini- tion of postmodern pastiche: a collection of ultimately empty gestures to previous forms. Once those signifiers thaw away. The Age of Fracture serves an all-night party platter. The strategically elu- sive songwriting and well-curated nostalgia quotient are almost enough to make discon- nectedness sound fun. She specializes in the same sort of downtempo grooves constructed by longtime collaborators Thievery Corporation and hus- band Federico Aubele, but the underlying Jazz aesthetic remains.

The Brooklyn-based singer possesses an ethereal voice and feathery touch, at home blending into the swirling compositions of producer Adrian Quesada rather not overpowering them. That same warmth steadies the warbling dubstep of the title track. Young Thug is perhaps the most easygoing. Working on an epic, operatic canvas, Foster and his band- mates hide the spinach of existential angst into sweetly binge-worthy dance pop. Segarra, occasionally with friends, makes music richly steeped in the American folk tradition.

Yet where many twentysomethings of her generation take that notion and turn it into a cartoon character with a fedora and an overly wide grin, she makes music from her gut, and its imprecise nature can be haunt- ing or provocative in the best sense of those feelings. At times on Small Town Heroes, Segarra echoes them precisely, taking what they do best and making it her own.

Tarpaper Sky proves that the Houston Kid in his 60s remains as vital as ever, balancing ballads and bar room stomps, both cut with his characteristic sense of autobiographical detail and precarious mortality. A Swan spreads its wings. The Fool. Aquatic somnambulance rather than Germanic Jam powered the L. Second LP Warpaint stirs, stews, beats, and swells far more amniotic, evoking the seminal psych greeting, ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space. Her mastery of emotional vocal nuance brings to mind a hypothetical grandchild of Marianne Faithfull and Roy Orbison in that drama, depth, and delicacy get parsed out in strategic amounts.

You just listening too slow. Yet deep beneath the wiry guitar feedback, gravel-kicking drum lurch, and cockpit voice recorder fidel- ity, vocalist Meredith Graves manages to project raw human emotion to the surface even when you can barely make out a word she says. And to think she once sang opera! Croce went to opposite extremes for his eighth LP, enlist- ing six producers for two songs each. Debut project from Brooklyn composer Ellis Ludwig-Leone, San Fermin seems more an exploration of intricately paralleled perspectives than a coherent octet, yet the result enthralls through layered arrangements that burst between electro-pop frenzy and dramatic, swooning orchestration.

An ornate, ambitious debut. No hiding behind a panoply of effects pedals or Spectorian grandiosity here. Top to bottom an action-packed debut. High-water mark for a down and dirty band. The cold, foreboding world of post punk filters through the two- man wrecking crew, the sounds on Process summoned up from some macabre mechani- cal hell.

Approach with caution. Never did it occur to me that it might be important. As suggested by the title, Barthel and Josh Carter stretch their roles as vocalists without sacrificing the dance- floor noir that made their career. Duo de Twang pairs Claypool with guitarist Bryan Kehoe for surprise bass-heavy songs with a ridiculous dosage of gooey heartland guitar squeal.

Four Foot Shack provokes guffaws, in that hallucinogenic Claypool way, but its visceral blend of odd- ness and crassness leaves you with a stom- ach ache. Which is to say Duo de Twang fits perfectly into the Claypool canon. Enter Indian, a Chicago troop achieving a sort of hate-blackened grandeur on its fifth disc From All Purity. Indian throws a temper tantrum on From All Purity that goes beyond petulance and into an appropriately pure state of sanity-stomping anguish, purging the demons with sulfuric acid and a nail-studded baseball bat.

Whereas the album refocused their power-heavy riffs and shoegaze distortion. It"s like a soap opera but with less clothing and more sweat. Sounds good to us. Frank Erwin Center, Red River. Sat, March 15, noon. Texas State Capitol, 7 Congress, Through March For FAQs about submitting a iisting, contact info, deadiines, and an oniine submission form, go to austinchronicle. Memphis, Tenn. More Texas Justice: After 37 years in pris- on, Jerry Hartfiel d goes to court in April for a retrial of his conviction an d death sen- tence for mur der in Bay City, Texas.

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Congress Ave. Russell has an unerring talent for drawing out the best from his actors, and everyone here is in top form. In all, it took them 15 buses to reach Nuevo Laredo, where they needed only to cross the Rio Grande to make it into Texas. Free, president aglcc. To the uninitiated, the Veronica Mars movie might seem like small potatoes: a modestly budgeted spin-off of a short-lived TV show about a teenage private eye that dazzled its tiny viewership with its wittiness, withering cut-downs of wealth and the cult of celebrity, and feisty, feminist hero. City Hall, W. By contrast, Davis was never sup- posed to hold her Republican-leaning Fort Worth district.

Actually, the conviction was overturne d, but before Hartfiel d coul d deman d his release he is describe d in court documents as illiter- ate with an IQ of 51 , the then-governor com- mute d the sentence to life in prison in Why, she was aske d, woul d a woman want to wear jewelry suggesting that a pigeon soile d her lapel? In December, the New York City parks department, respon ding to alarme d visitors at Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens, built a woo den fence to shiel d the sculpture Bear Eats Man so that parents might examine the structure before chil dren start asking them awkwar d questions.

The sculpture by Ms. Y, in January. Schaeffer was wearing the tra ditional Pastafarian reli- gious hea d covering a colan der. Visit Chuck Shepherd daiiy at www. March Scottish Rite Theater, W. Hosted by Luke McClory. Sat, March 15, 8pm.

Saivage Vanguard Theater, Manor Rd. Bonus: Sarah Marie Curry. March Aprii 6, Thu. The Vortex, Manor Rd. Another fine full-length work, we reckon, from them what brought you The Head and Toii and Troubie and so on. Bonus: original music by Justin Sherburn. Extra show: Wed. Shanon Weaver, in a pound fat suit, stars as the tragic Charlie; Melissa Livingston-Weaver directs. Hyde Park Theatre, W. See website for details. The Hustle Show Thu. Live at ColdTowne is stand-up comedy. Barmando A local mixologist provides the foundation for Precious Dads to go improv wild.

Sat, pm. The Frank Mills and their smart, character-driven improv, with the sketchers of Midnight Society. Sat, 10pm. Leverage the synergy! Increase the ROM Feel that paradigm- shifting jelly trickle down your cerebellum! Sat, March 15, 10pm. Lookit: Lights Up Three improv troupes! We mean, hell, Charlie Sotelo recommends this. Saturdays, 8pm. Mondays, 9pm.

Hoiy Mountain, E. See website for details! Baiiet Austin, W. Tours by appointment. Free, www. Join your friends in arguing, cheerlead- ing, and voting for your favorites in two elimination rounds. Bonus: foam fingers, pompoms, and more. Sat, March 15, l-9pm. Reception: Mon. Exhibition: through Aprii 5. Through March. Saturdays, noon-5pm. Clay, plaster, metal leaf, wax, and paint. Also, recommended. In the Canopy compound, Springdale, www.

Fado Irish Pub W. TX Cedar Street W. TX Oilcan Harrys W. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Kimberly L. Through Aug. At Laguna Gloria W. This display of colorful images turns the walls of Davis Gallery into a surreal spectacle of what two talented artists can bring so vividly from the depths of memory and dreams. Through April 5. Through April 3, by appointment. Note, then, that we are freaking out about how weird and harrowingly beau- tiful this show of work by Ashe Laughiin is.

Check the website for a better glimpse. Prize r Gallery, E. Cesar Chavez. Through June 9. Through May 9. Jewelry, and acrylics, featuring artists and craftsmen from the Rebekah B. Johnson Residential Tower. How are you surviving our town and our time of classic overstimula- tion? Well rest assured, that if you find yourself in a state of panic attack, your people are around Just about every corner of this town. How to find them? Print versions featur- ing listings like these - plus a map of local gay bars - are available all over.

See much more online at austinchronicle. Queer questions about the gAyTX may be sent to gayplace austinchronicle. March , 7-lOpm. Romani Gallery, E. The Iron Bear, W. Paramount, Congress, www. Sixth; and Erl. Swan Dive, Red River. Wye not? Parish, E. Sixth, www. Chain Drive, Willow.

Clive Bar, Davis, www. Clothing optional. Enjoy free refreshments aka booze. Free, austinchronicie. Austin Public Library, Guadalupe, www. Empire, E.

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Seventh, www. Cherrywood Coffeehouse, E. Stateside at the Paramount, Congress, www. Sugar Circus, E. Fifth, www. Mohawk, Red River, www. BookWoman, N. Lamar Ste. Stateside at the Paramount, Congress. Avenue on Congress, Congress, www. Bungalow, 92 Rainey, www. Silhouette, Congress, www. Flamingo Cantina, E. Sixth and Sat, March 15, 11pm. Russian House, E. Hotel Vegas, E. Victorian Room at the Drisklll, Brazos. Karma Lounge, W. Eighth, www. Sat, March Austin Music Hall, 5pm. Sat, March 15, am. Sat, March 15, noon-9pm. Central Market North, N. Brass House, B San Jacinto. Sat, March 15, 2pm-2am.

Reigning meowtricarch of Austin lez supreme fronts a disco throng of superstar improv wisenheimers. Sat, March 15, 8 pm.

#14 - Louisianna Purchase, Drag Witch

Sat, March 15, pm. Central Presbyterian Church, E. Accept no replicas. Elysium, Red River. Sat, March 15, lam. All day; all gay! All yay! Free and open to the public. All ages, www. Tuesdays, 9pm. Barbarella, Red River. See the full array of Gay Place listings at austinchronicie. Written with Billy Fatzinger; music and sound design by Zac Traeger. Reception: Sat, March 14, 7-llpm. Through Feb. Colburn, Dorthy Crummer, and more. Look for them near the 25th Street entrance.

Williams, two of the most prolific sculptors in 20th- century Texas. Some of these sculptures have never been seen in public before. Reception: Sat, March 15, pm. Exhibition: through April Deadline: April In the Canopy compound, Springdale Enroll Learn song, dance and drumming and lift your spirit! A great family activity. Harry Ransom Center, W. Truthful, timely, and titillating, this month features presentations by Julie Gillis, Dr.

Hosted by the incompa- rable Mia Martina! Bonus: Human furniture by Danny Gee. Bonus: A celebration of Gay Texas, with cake! Tiny Park, Navasota 2. Hosted by South Flavas. Thursdays, 9pmmid. Spider House Baiiroom, Fruth. Full English Tea Room Thom hosts. Saturdays, pm. County, Texas, in Cause Num-. The wisdom one gains through this. I mention this, Aries, because. When Ph. I sug-. Europeans used to think.

It was a reasonable certainty. But in , Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh and.

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