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Cancer 12222 Career and Money Horoscope

Avoid investing your cash in any area during this phase, advises Ganesha and you will benefit in the future. However, the phase from the first week of April until the second week of August may be really bad for investments.


If you invest money during these four months, you are likely to face a difficult situation, foresees Ganesha. You may even get defrauded and face major financial losses. So, avoid indulging in investing money for some time so that you do not have to face such issues that may not just take a lot of your time but also takes you down the road where you may have to incur a lot of loss.

Besides, you may have to do rounds of courts as you are likely to get involved in disputes. This may draw out much of your money, warns Ganesha. On the other hand, at the year end, you are likely to make some significant financial gains. Besides, you may also make fresh investments during this phase around the year-end according to your Cancer finance predictions.

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Ganesha is given his green signal for long-term investments or investments in immovable properties. So having some patience for a certain period of time will work wonders for you, not just for now but also in the future. On the whole, natives of Cancer will have to struggle hard in order to maintain the balance between earnings and expenses, but if you do try your best to act accordingly, you will be able to overcome the tough situations in a more balanced way says your Cancer finance astrology.

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Login Or Register. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. House or office may require renovation, refurbishing or expansion. You want working conditions that satisfy you in every way, physically, technically and in the prevailing atmosphere and will take pains to achieve just that. At the same time, there is a desire to retrace your roots and origins, to go back in time. This is a time to do what you can to build trust in your family life and a strong foundation within yourself, so that regardless of what you meet in the outside world over the next months, you have a secure place to return to.

Love and lust is in the air.

More affectionate and appreciative interactions with your children may also figure now. At this time, you intuitively know how to position yourself in the best light in order to make a good impression on others. Any love affair begun now will be characterized by good liveliness, having excitement, and a fair share of arousing drama!

Sun enters Scorpio

You are now enthusiastic for household projects or activities. Because your actions are governed by your gut feeling, you may be particularly defensive and protective. You may have a greater than before wish to rule the roost.

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Family-related conflicts and disputes may arise; you may have arguments with them, about them, or on their behalf. You may also run into disagreements with career-related matters or people. You may have to get even with disturbing issues from the past that are resurfacing now. Especially if they are a Scorpio or Capricorn.

Work for yourself!! You can do it. Just put your mind to it and focus.

Cancer Yearly Horoscope 12222

You will succeed. Please help me.

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Analyze the words of your new acquaintances so that you can prevent living through another disappointment. Yearly Horoscopes Overview Love Money. As the sun enters Scorpio on the twenty-third, followed by the Scorpio new moon four days later, life is calling for a deeper dive into your heart. Lucky October 27th, Skip to content Home. Do not go on the road. Communication also plays a major role in any relationship tell your how you feel.

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